Quantal PRO
Combines our proprietary global risk estimates
with a flexible platform-independent portfolio optimizer client to provide complete portfolio
management solution.

Quantal Risk Estimates
Daily updates of our global conditional volatility and
correlation estimates for direct input into another risk management system, derivatives pricing models, and basket trading models.

Web based tool for global equity portfolio analysis and construction.

Terry Marsh to speak on: "Asset Allocation, Risk Appetites, and Flight-to-Safety" at the CQAsia Conference in Hong Kong.

Terry Marsh to speak on: "Stress Testing the CCAR Way" at the September 8-10 2013 JOIM Conference in Napa CA.

Larry Tint on "Man versus Machine" in Investing, in the Wall Street Journal.

Paul Pfleiderer presents 61st CARF Special Seminar at University of Tokyo: "Reducing the Fragility of the Financial Sector: The Importance of Equity and Why it is not Expensive."

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