Investment Solutions...

…for asset managers, risk managers, stress testing, asset allocation.

Global & Regional

We cover traded equities, sovereign and corporate fixed income around the globe.

Accurate Robust & Pragmatic

We partner with our clients to discuss their objectives and needs and use our technology stack to provide solutions.

Solid Research Foundation

Our solutions are consistent with the latest and best scientific research.

On-going Service

We implement our solutions and provide bespoke customer care as an on-going service.


Quantal International Inc. offers a suite of advanced portfolio-analytics to meet the needs of clients from the investment management industry, together with highly effective on-going customer support and solutions services. Core financial technology consists of global "hybrid" multi-factor models for equities and Government bond returns.

We have an exceptionally strong research and development team with key Ph.D. technical strength, and close ties with Stanford and UC Berkeley, world renowned academic institutions. Our knowledgeable and trained personnel provide customized support and consulting services that allow our clients to achieve their individual investment objectives.

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